Ministry Needs

We are told to feed the hungry, for serving them is serving God Himself. And at West Valley Family, we take this challenge very seriously.

Often, our family gets together to cook and serve food to tens of homeless people in our area. It is an inspiring time of fellowship and serving. Especially in the winter, during the cold and rain, we are humbled to see how the homeless live everyday and yet, these are our brothers and sisters in Christ.

You can get involved in numerous ways. You can help in this endeavor by going shopping for the food, helping cut and chop the food, cooking, or actually serving the meal and meeting with our homeless friends.

It is our wish that we should be able to carry out this ministry Every Day. To make this happen and keep this going we need your support.

You could

  • keep our ministry and family in your prayers.
  • volunteer to cook or serve during these felloships
  • contribute money or food items to support this ministry.

If you are interested in encouraging us in this ministry, please call us or contact us

We Count on Your support and keep going on as we know God Shall Provide!